Anti-write hardware lock
Lock hardware anti-burn avoid direct burn or copy onto your hard disk.

Anti-burn lock the old conventional and most Iranians are familiar with. There are many anti-CD burning software and DVD have been produced. Locking anti-burn style of the most common types of locks on the market, training and software CD was and is.

objections Established for software Anti-burning Lock is The impossibility of major production And having minor reproduced by computer.

imen gostar novin Due to the high demand of this type of lock By educational CD's manufacturers Lock hardware anti-burn With features Such as preventing information from being copied into the drive, avoid direct burn CDs or DVDs and anti screen capture is being designed and produced.

In this way, locking After creating an original master Your product CDs produced by each one of the ways digital printing or Stamper The laser line lock is placed on the individual CDs.

The laser line is laid on CD Nowise does not affect readability and speed of execution   And only when user burn from that their impact occur.

  Some people see the lock hardware anti-burn produced by imen gostar novin Trying to emulate and copy the lock with a needle,compass or ... .
This type of lock requires high accuracy in location and depth of line on CD Mainly locking these people fail, leading to a deterioration of the large number of CDs.

If the laser line up on each CD does not have the proper depth   Copies of the product and if the depth of the laser line is more than necessary Illegibility CD will bring.

Above or below the laser line will be damaged the original files on CD and parts of the defective product.

This ensures you that the laser line is loaded with Mechanical Device and at high speed, high precision will be attached.

Approximate time Laser 1000 CDs only 40 minutes.

1 Disc in 10,000 probability of failure.
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