Disc Lock Video, Video Player lock

DVD Video Player lock For playback on home theater and PC.


implementation of the lock anti-copy Video Player due to Being sensitive domestic players One of the hardest and most complex Locking in   available locking systems on the market.
imen gostar Using self experience could  run This type of locking with a combination of software and hardware methods.
software part to prevent copying of movies to hard drive And the hardware part that will be walking for laser DVD prevent Burn discs directly.

software part:
At this point we actually afford it named Master Lock DVD mastering prepared to find that After laser replication laser lock is applied on it In addition, it uses a file split system The number of tracks inside the DVD Added And in terms of volume virtually the entire DVD Will be approximately 800 Gig file.
At this stage in the implementation of the tablet, never changes made for the menu or timing playback of files.

The hardware phase:
This step is applied after replication, Unti-write Lock is the same to laser Lock such as a line Placed on every single DVD.

Disc 1 in 10,000 probability of failure.
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