Dongle Lock Flash Disk (usb)
Flash usb Dongle Lock.

dongle lock or tiny Of course, some of us know the name of the hardware lock A system that uses the usb ports allow you to use the computer program or the Multi media.
Be sure you sample have seen on the accounting programs.
examples on the market Because of usb pieces produced abroad and high costs are not much welcomed face in iran.
Imen gostar dongle lock is a little different samples. Software or multi-media you copied on a normal flash and then you can only run the software on the usb flash.
As a result, usb dongle is your files carrier. your application runs as defined usb connected to the computer.
from Imen Gostar Usb dongle lock benefits can be named the following:
1. Remove expensive usb
2. locking on an ordinary flash drive
3. Ability to copy the software onto your flash drive.
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