Activation Lock
In summary, the activation lock foundation restrict users to running the product on a computer .

In this way that is very common today and is favored by manufacturers of digital content, the package may include a disc or multiple discs, which is (cd Or dvd ) Using a serial number to activate and access to educational content to the user. Of course, this does not mean that after activation can copy the information counter drive .

Top features of this type of locking is collect information from users who have bought your dvd's include name, contact number and e-mail address, which can better support and advertising and mass notification about new products you assist .

Top of the benefits of this type of lock is remotely locking on the product is possible to apply (in your computer) that solve distance issue and also solve the problem of getting out information from your computer .

User after placement dvd's in the device only one autorun file will see . After Runing the file window appears where four different ways to Active and implementation of the package is presented to the user. (you can see Sample files to the download section of the site) .

User through any of the methods described at the bottom of the page to active, computer code that the computer user's personal identification code is received and the password will be sent to him. Password of every computer is a unique password that only that computer is allowed to run. Assigning a password when user have a valid and unexpired serial number (previously unused), usually sticked on package or on a plaque attached to DVD's.

The first way

In this simple way if the client computer is connected to the Internet Users simply enter the serial number attached to the package to active the program that happens behind the scenes .

the socond way: activation through IVR

In this way, the user has dialed phone numbers listed within the app. in the first step by entering the serial number attached to the inside of the package validation. In the second stage entering output code on the app, receive their pass and enter that on computer app .

third way: SMS activation

In this way the user sending valid serial number and output code (computer ID) password will be sent from our SMS Panel .

Fourth way: Manual activation

In this way, the user is visiting your website and entering the serial number and (computer ID) then password is received. The advantage of this way is increase your website hits .

tip :

1 In automatic method, the user manually enter the last name, phone number and email address .

2 Each of ways to active the app is via the central server, app registered and specifications are collected.

3 If user replace the operating system, the user can use the ways again if the hardware does not changed.

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