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Unti-write Lock
Imen Gostar Novin

Top Performer of locking solutions for software products and educational products in Iran. Supporting educational content and software products on the market without copyright law. With years of experience and proud to partner with the largest educational companys iran. Exceptional prices and suitable for the budget of manufacturers are new in market of software and educational Products.


A significant increase in product sales

According to the non-copy sales of the product exclusively for yourself and you'll be seeing an increase in sales.


Comfortable run without installing any prerequisites

Most locks on the market to run several prerequisites have to force the user to install. None of the locks Imen Gostar not such a case.


Lock your products as soon as possible

Lock your DVD's as soon as possible and the best quality made and the locking remotely inside your personal computer is also possible.


Locking feature a variety of multimedia and electronic files

Imen Gostar has a long history of locking familiar with the structure of multimedia Bhryn and therefore considers the most efficient lock for your product.


The best results in terms of locking

Imen Gostar customers acknowledge that the most trusted and most cost effective locking system have found after searches .


Save your goods from unauthorized copying by locking

We know that the overall cost and time spent to made your product. Way to protect your product in our hands.

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